PT Mahardika Wisnu Karya

CUTES Inverter

Since its establishment, the Company has been pursuing its professional mission, and has continued to actively develop multiple sophisticated products on a professional basis. Upholding the principle of quality first, technical expertise, and rapid service, the Company is dedicated to serve its customers. For more than 40 years, thanks to the support of all parties, the Company has been growing steadily and has taken a significant position in the industry. 
The Company follows the future trend of industrial automation, and insists in quality, service, and integrity. It focuses on the development of DC motors and control equipment, AC drives, servo motors and controls, vector control motors, vacuum pumps, mechanical booster vacuum systems, roots blower, ultra-high vacuum turbomolecular pump, multi-stage centrifugal blower, high-speed centrifugal blower and other products, in order to enhance the technical level of Taiwan's automatic control, and in response to the needs of industrial automation. 

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