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CHENTA Helical Worm Gear Reducer
CHENTA Helical Worm Gear Reducer
CHENTA Helical Worm Gear Reducer
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02 Agt 2019



1.   Design Concepts: The combination of standardization and modularization allows interchangeability with international leading brands, while keeping structure rigidity and compactness.

2.   Energy Efficiency: Leveraging the advantages of high efficiency of helical gears and smooth transmission of worm gears, the reducer performs with outstanding stability and efficiency as high as 85%.

3.   Ratios Coverage: The ratio ranges between 1/8 ~ 1/210, providing wide range of ratio accommodation, with 2 stages of reduction.

4.   Loading Capacity: Available with power ranges from 1/4HP up to 30HP, depending on different requirements and applications.

5.   Tensile Strength: Pinion, gears and worm shafts are made with 20CrMo alloy steel with carburization; the aluminum bronze worm wheels offers superior strength and endurance.

6.   Self-Lock: In certain condition, the load on the worm gear can’t drive the worm.

7.   Installation Flexibility: All models are designed for a choice of mounting position (M1~M6) specified by customers.

8.   Appearance Aesthetics: The reducers are designed with modern exterior while maintaining high rigidity.

Gearbox, Axle, Sprocket dan Gear Parts

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