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ELATECH® SYNCRO-MAX® Extra-wide Polyurethane Belts extend the advantages of synchronous timing belts to wider surfaces and to the typical applications of flat and modular conveyor belts.


Made of Polyurethane and reinforced with Aramid, ELATECH® SYNCRO-MAX® Extra-wide Belts provide positive drive and synchronous conveying resulting in no slippage, better tracking, higher indexing/positioning precision, smaller drive pulley requirements, lower belt tension, lower shaft loads and consequently power saving.


Belt characteristics

  • Pitch: metric T10 – inch H
  • Natural color PU compound material
  • Working temperatures between: -25/+80 °C
  • Tension cords: Kevlar (Aramid) parallel cord reinforcement
  • Compound: thermoplastic polyurethane 92 Sh. A with high wear resistance


  • no slippage even when used in applications with presence of oils or grease
  • positioning accuracy even at high linear speed
  • very low noise compared to applications with plastic modular belts
  • smaller drive pulley requirements
  • energy saving as a result of low-tension and low friction forces in effect

 Available with standard pulleys in aluminum, cast iron or steel, with solid hub, for mounting SER-SIT® taper bushing or according to customer specifications.

Wide range of timing bars available on stock.


Polyurethane Belt

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